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Warnings from the past


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Warnings from the past 

Last week the European parliament screened Edvins Snore’s ‘The Soviet Story’, a film which shows shocking details from recently uncovered archive documents revealing how the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust, including footage of how a delegation of the German Gestapo and SS went to the Soviet Union to learn how to build concentration camps

If mankind has adequately appraised the Nazi regime, then the role of the Soviet regime in the tragic events of the 20th century is a long way from having been properly evaluated. ‘The Soviet Story’ makes a significant contribution to facilitating the establishment of a common approach towards such events of the past, events which form an integral part of the history of the whole of Europe.

In ‘The Soviet Story’, opinions about this tragic period of history are expressed by a number of MEPs such as Christopher Beazley, Ari Vatanen, Wojciech Roszkowski, Michael Gahler, André Brie and others. The film crew also interviewed leading western historians Norman Davies, Nicolas Werth and Françoise Thom.

The Soviet Story is not just about an Allied power that helped the Nazis to kill Jews. It’s about the Soviet regime slaughtering its own people on an industrial scale. Deportation, execution and torture were a post-war reality for millions of people. Concentration camps were scattered throughout both Europe and Siberia. In many of them, horrific medical experiments were performed on humans. In Butugychag camp in Magadan, the KGB used thousands of prisoners as guinea-pigs, experimenting with human brains. Many of these prisoners were still alive during these experiments. “People were being killed day and night throughout the biggest country in the world. Stalin even got to the point of killing people by random, by quotas” said Norman Davies, historian and a professor at Cambridge university.

Assisted by the west, the Soviet power triumphed on 9 May 1945, but the complete story of Europe’s most murderous regime has never been told, as its crimes were made taboo for the west until now. ‘The Soviet Story’ reveals the reality of the Soviet regime, including the great famine in Ukraine (1932/33), the Katyn massacre (1940), the SS-KGB partnership, Soviet mass deportations and medical experiments in the gulags. And these are just a few of the subjects covered by the documentary...

Dod's Parliamentary Communications Ltd, 18.09.2009

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